The annual event on house & housing was partly successful, since it gave chance to each faculty to speak on related issues. However the failure was perhaps on part of defining the limitation or scope of the topic, since KRVIA being desing school. The majority of presentation were hinging on idea at policy level which to mind is non controvercial. The moment you begin to define the territory of thoretical framework, it becomes controvercial or uncomprehensible. I thought the presentation by Rupali, Rohan & myself were of later kind. I assume without predjudice that most of them thought three of us were simply bullshiting. I was very convicing about my presentation, yet it may be criticise of being international without contextual. It is not surprise to me & as if i am not aware of that at all. The inspiration can be global as long as actions are local. The generation of fiftis by large is exactly opposite. The inspiration is local & action are global. The hallmark of the pseudo pan indianness, vastu, hindi cinema certain outcome of that which are convicing themself very hard to determinsitic change of the world from that viewpoint.

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