Year 1990: I have visited most of the European countries on my way from US to back home. The visit lasted almost a month through comfortable E-rail First class unlimited pass. The last day of my visit was Amsterdam, where I drew my plan for next visit to Scandinavian Countries sometime in future. This is precisely that imagination which was carefully nurtured and protected for many decades. The water edge of Norway is as much real in reality as you imagine through photograph.

The landscape is tentative (ephemeral) & figurative simultaneously. They seem to be contradictory however it seems to be compounded to form a unique terrain. The cold ripping thorough body mercilessly, shadows are always longer irrespective of the time of the day. The absences of point shadows are almost scary as longer one is destined to disappear anytime. Does that really shape the general psych/ culture of people! If yes than how, I think it really need careful examination of culture & value of that context.

The wealth of tropical climate is suddenly become as valuable for us as you peep out of window everyday, seeking for the morning sun. However the tenderness of light that definitely making general gesture of Norwegian to be humble, tender & reaching out. The usual day is one with rain, blizzards & cold. The time seems to be of no consequence for us, as absence of light makes it difficult for your perception to hold your judgment of time

The built landscape is leisurely following the planes to contoured landscape with great ease. The entire fabric appears to be a giant jigsaw puzzle; each of them is carefully interlocked with others. The result of that leaves unwinding trails negotiating the contours levels. The fabric finds it edge relentlessly at it meets water. The dialogue of colorful building & dark water is extravagant as much as unreal. It is further heightened by absence of sunlight most of the time.

I am not very convinced about the lecture/ talk on urban design. I am very comfortable with undergraduate program because of my involvement for many years. The problem that postgraduate program suffers is that it really takes design cell as model without any further inquiry. My imagination of postgraduate study is about implied theoretical investigation than explicit problem-solution model. Furthermore, this problem persist due to its consistently dwelling on planning realm & not able to operate in design mode. I quite often get confused or not convinced by myself of such presentation.


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