The visit to Panchgini has become annual ritual for us during this part of the year. It’s mainly due to non-tourist season & its climatic offering in july. This was the first time we started our drive late in the afternoon & planned to reach late night. We were apprehensive but ready to encounter new experience to the ghat climbing. The climb was rewarding as the panoramic view of Wai was like driving on star studded pretenious ground plane, while pouring cloud became background quintessential space, the only oscillating reality was few yard illuminated road through head light.

The usual destination was Hotel Gitanjali Room No. 25. The hotel is small building tucked away from main road. The hotel is surrounded by thick landscape of trees reducing any visible contact to outside. It has 12 rooms on all the three floors with small courtyard in the reception area. Its offering list do not have ambience in the list, nor does it have great any exotic facilities. The contrast of overpowering exponential reality vs. inner static ambience is at its paramount. If inner ambience serves to its worth value purpose than exponential reality negates the worthiness of being & brings to its neutrality. The ever changing climate constantly challenging the physical time, it may be irrelevant to one who unwilling to negotiate that space otherwise rest was truly surreal made silence unbearable. The static quality of stubborn inner & dynamic loftiness of coniferous landscape has purposeful existence if silence is sought for. Otherwise conspicuous inner yearning for consumption can be at universal constant masking the outer reality.

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