It has been 40 years of memory of monsoon in Santacruz lanes, its transformation in to new type of recreation in monsoon are still fresh though it is dated. This recreation is associated to school timings & high tide times; co-incidentally they were same 12.00 noon. The annual rainfall is 1000mm by whether beauraue, however we associate with number of time our street would get flooded. The magic number is four & if it’s less by any chance at any point then we assume that monsoon is not over.

The mass scale storm water channel work has been carried out in all the streets with strong assertion by all MLA’S. Earlier it was only our street would be flooded & now it’s all other streets equalling sharing the annual rain fall. The monumental acclamation of autonomous glory is slowly diminishing.

Out of all the mess, the only place where the phenomena have been constant is Milan Subway. The quality of transformation of this subway is parallel to any other public place within the city. Around the year there are no signs of any political wing or MLA’s, I presume it’s the only place where boundary of ward or any kind of territory would be disputed with no claim on it or it’s a place which everybody would want to disown it.

This place deserves to be a monsoon monument since it is strong point of reference across the city in the rain. It has temporary built bridge out of unimaginable recycled metal frames & sheets can only be next to recycling industry of ship breaking yard. This place commands the view of runway strip as amazing time pass for almost half of our countrymen, which might be more than the tourist would visit any historical place. This place also is offered human sacrifice during its flooding time along with animals. I don’t think so that any place in the world would have such unique situation. The permanently installed water pumps are almost like an art object in urban space, which could be enlarged at least five times so its present is felt from flight while taking of, or the metal bridge could be wrapped up along with array of nude micro pumps or two parallel wall of subway can have multi-level urinals. This could be an amazing marriage of temporary un acclaimed public space & art form.
This place has such potential that we have several places inspired from this celebrated subway. The status quo is due to unresolved elements of coordination from various public work departments which can only be compared with three countries unable to resolve the water distribution problem arising from common river channel.

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